Court cases

Posted by adam on August 14, 2014

There are two types of cases heard in Australia’s courts. They are civil and criminal cases.

Civil Cases.

Civil cases deal with non-criminal matters, such as negligence, property disputes and broken contracts. The plaintiff is the person or company making the complaint. They take civil action to get compensation for the  actions of, or injury caused by the other person or group.

Criminal Cases.

Criminal cases involve the breaking  of statute laws. Criminal offences include road traffic offences, burglary, assault and murder. The person charged is known as the defendant. If the  defendant is found guilty, they will receive a criminal conviction and possibly a jail term.

Court Sentences

Sentences are punishments handed down by judges. Non-custodial sentences do not involve locking up or detaining a person. Custodial sentences involve some form of detention in custody. Courts also decide whether a person awaiting trial is granted bail or remanded in custody.

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