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Citiserv provides individually tailored approaches to its clients based on their needs in a variety of fields including:

Process Serving & Field Enquires

Unlike most agencies, we handle all process serving and field enquiries in house. For all city metro work it is our own agents that attempt service and we pride ourselves on our turnaround time with the initial attempt generally occurring within 48 hours of request. Please be aware we also provide an emergency and last minute service if required.

Citiserv Document Process Servers

Have invested considerable time and monies in the development of our Mercantile Management Systems.
Our agents are highly motivated and relise time is of the essence. Every service is treated as urgent.

This allows us to effectively manage and control the quick service of your documents from all courts and jurisdictions throughout our states and territories.

Our agents are highly motivated and relise time is of the essence. Every service is treated as urgent.

Clients can be assured that our highly experienced agents will go to great lengths to serve your documents on time all the time.

All agents are aware of the criteria for serving documents through each and every court of Australia.

Skip Tracing

Citiserv have identified a need from the finance and insurance sector and from the legal profession to provide a skip tracing service to locate debtors, defendants, witnesses and others.

Since the introduction of the Privacy Act information on the whereabouts of individuals is not as freely available as was previously the case.

To address this challenge Citiserv utilizes a number of databases available to both the private and government sectors.

They are largely accurate and take the time and head ache out of performing exhaustive field based enquiries thus minimizing the costs incurred by our clients.

Skip tracing requires skill and is best left to the professionals rather than employing inexperienced staff members who may find the exercise futile and demoralising at the best of times.

Citiserv subscribes to the latest and most extensive data bases available to both the public and private sector. We understand how to retrieve valuable information and which questions to ask.

Our team of experienced licensed investigators have the skills and knowledge to gather information and evidence so you can make informed decisions affecting your business. Evidence gathered may include:

  • Witness statements
  • Employment history, Criminal history
  • Assets, financials – bank accounts, land titles, creditors
  • Missing persons – loved ones, beneficiaries, debtors,
  • Directorships, company registered offices, principle places of business
  • Surveillance footage, photographs
  • Trademark
  • Work place theft
  • Fraud
  • Fidelity checks

Many businesses, particularly finance companies lose massive amounts of revenue as a result of delinquent customers falling into arrears and not surrendering their encumbered assets.

has the experience to locate and repossesses your goods in a timely manner, at minimum expense and within the various regulations and legislations pertaining to this field.

Our repossession agents understand their obligations, responsibilities, legalities and the time constraints involved.

Filing Service

Citiserv also offers the ability to have your documents filed in person by our clerk at any court within the Sydney Metropolitan area. This may be particularly appealing to thise law firms who have there practices some distance away from the District,Supreme and Family courts. Corporate clients who are unfamiliar with the court process and who may operate outside Sydney may also like to take advantage of this service.

Our commission only based on success model means there is no risk for our clients, we have no contracts, annual or account keeping fees and operate from a simple authority to act. So confident we are in our ability, our clients are free to come and go as they please even to experience the level of service from our competitors by way of comparison.

Accounts Receivables blowing out? Days Sales Outstanding reaching an unacceptable level? Ledger Management may be for you. We are able to tidy up your accounts from ‘within’ operating like an employee we are able to assist with internal collections and provide training to staff members on effective collection techniques whilst tidying up your accounts receivables and improving cash flow.

Wherever possible we will always try to avoid litigation and achieve commercial outcomes through negotiation however; when necessary we work in close unison with our firm of solicitors who, at the clients’ request, are able to act in a seamless and effective manner as we hand over the account. We will always provide our clients with due diligence and a summary of the likelihood of success based on our professional opinion.