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Police Officer Derek Chauvin Found Guilty – 2021

Minneapolis and the world to a lesser extent has been a tinder box since the killing of black African American George Floyd, a 46 year old male, on 25 May 2020 allegedly by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. It was this incident that sparked a huge violent back lash across the USA by the black community and its supporters including Marxist entities Black Lives Matter and Antifa. These protests and riots have spread across the globe including here in Australia.

Obviously this is not the first incident of a ‘blue on black’ killing. In fact they are quite common place. Needless to mention whole communities, regardless of their ethnicity, have been victims of police brutality across the world. There is in fact no national database recording killings by police officers.

Back ground to the killing of George Floyd

On 25 may 2020 George Floyd died while being pinned to the ground, in hand cuffs, by now former Minneapolis white police officer  Derek Chauvin. Mr Chauvin apparently had his knee on Mr Floyd’s neck thus restricting his breathing which then led to his death. This pressure was exerted on Mr Floyd’s neck for around 9 minutes while he repeatedly stated he could not breathe. It should be noted that there were other police officers present including an Asian American male officer who refused to assist Mr Floyd.The incident was filmed by several passers by whilst they pleaded with the officers to release the neck restraint as Mr Floyd could not breathe. Obviously this was ignored.

Many may argue that if this incident was not recorded by witnesses then Mr Floyd would simply be the latest addition to the statistics of offenders killed by police as ‘they feared for their lives.

This incident took place during the presidential election campaign between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. America saw wall to wall media coverage of the killing and Joe Biden attempted to twist the killing so as to gain political milage.

Over the course of the following 12 months, mass riots and protests have resulted in both police and civilian deaths, businesses being burnt to the ground, and most crime statistics going thru the roof as a result of rampage against the police. This has spread across most cities across America.

Was justice finally served ?

After a 3 week trial, which included personal testimony from eye witnesses, police officers and the medical community, it was found that Officer Derek Chauvin used unnecessary and excessive force resulting in the death of George Floyd. He was found guilty on 3 charges which could see him facing a lengthy gaol sentence of 75 years.

It should not be necessary to state that very few police officers, not only in the USA but globally, are ever charged with murder when causing the death of innocent members of the community.

Will this lead to change ?

This is a question which only time will answer. Many believe that this incident will initiate a cleaning out of America’s crooked cops and address the prejudices that police officers may have against the black community.

President Joe Biden, despite feuling racism, attempting to win the black vote, has introduced a Justice in Policing Act which is yet to pass congress. The purpose of this bill is to establish a national standard for al police departments to monitor police encounters and forbids the use of choke holds.

We can only hope that police officers across the globe will drop their ‘Us against Them” mentality and eradicate the ‘bad apples’.

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